Friday, July 31, 2015

There are many ways to affect politics and influence the minds and opinion of the citizens of the United States that are protected by freedom of speech, but the collegiate classroom of a public university should not be one of these ways.  As a society, we send our young people to college with high aspirations not stopping to see what the reality of the collegiate classroom actually is.  While working on my Masters in Curriculum & Instruction, I found that many of the professors use the collegiate classroom to promote their own ideologies. I spent lots of money and gave up lots of my time to learn these professor's views when I was supposed to be learning how to be a secondary teacher.  If the curriculum & instruction professor is a lesbian that hates football and white males, then we as graduate students were given reading assignments to support her views towards these topics.  For example, to discount the white male, we had a reading assignment that discussed how out of the 13 mass killings (there have been more since) 11 of the shootings were by white males.  One of the professors hated George Bush and she blamed him for something every single class period repeating his name with disgust over and over and over again.  In her classroom we learned very quickly that we did not have to read the assignments. Instead, all we had to do was turn the discussion towards George Bush, especially the no child left behind program and testing.  I found that you could literally not read the assigned readings and get away with it; there was no accountability.  But she did teach me the "right" way to vote was for Obama.

And there is an open hostility towards Christians and even more so for the Christians who worship at a Baptist church.

Las Cruces Sun News
November 5, 2014
I was having lunch with a friend the other day and I said something like, "I can't believe the professors can get away with this", and she replied, "It's probably because we don't know that they are doing it".  I have to admit that I was shocked, literally shocked, to find out that this is happening in the collegiate classroom of a public university.  I don't have sour grapes just because they are pushing buddhism instead of Christianity.  I merely want the professors to teach the course material and only the course material.  Just because they have spent more years in college getting a PhD does not make them smarter than me on social issues, politics, or religion.

Contemplate what their unmitigated power has on our society.