Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Discrimination Defined.

At a lunch meeting the other day with two of my young colleagues, the conversation eventually got around to me and the other guy in our class who was discriminated against by Jamie Baker because of our age.  I told them in my case, I felt one of the things Jamie did was to establish I was incompetent in technological matters by giving me an extremely low score on my youth video.  One of my colleagues, knowing I was taking JAVA programming online, said something like, "You can't get much more technological than JAVA".

Jamie Baker gave me a score of 80 points out of 250 points (a 32%) on my youth video project.  What message do you think she was trying to convey?  We were required to spend 30 hours shadowing our youth in all their "different worlds".  I did this.  The young man I shadowed goes to my church and is very active in the church youth group and the school band.  We watched each others videos in class and Amy's video just happened to be of a youth that I also know through church.  This young lady is very active in the church youth group, and I have known her and her family for at least 15 years.  In watching Amy's video, you could easily discern that she had shot the video footage in one day; it consisted of her youth sitting there answering questions.  After watching each video we were required to fill out a critique form in which I pointed out that I knew the youth in Amy's video and that if Amy had spent any time at all shadowing her youth she would have known...etc.  I later talked to the parents of the youth in Amy's video and they confirmed Amy had spent just the one day with their child.

Amy got an A.